It's easy to top up

If you're with Economy Mobile you won't need to top up quite as often...

Buy a top up voucher from the shops

Top up online or in any store with the PayPoint or Payzone logo - simply ask for Economy Mobile Topup Voucher. You can find your local PayPoint store here. For Payzone stores click here

Add the credit to your mobile phone

Text TOPUP then your voucher code to 1250 e.g TOPUP 123456789120 

Pick an Economy Mobile Bundle

Check out the bundles below and choose the one you want.

Adding your bundle

Text BUNDLE followed by the bundle number to 1250. For example if you want the £10 bundle, text BUNDLE 3 to 1250

Bundle 1 - £5
100 minutes
100 texts
100MB data
Bundle 2 - £7.50
250 minutes
Unlimited texts*
500MB data
Bundle 3 - £10
500 minutes
Unlimited texts*
1GB data
Bundle 4 - £15
1000 minutes
Unlimited texts*
3GB data
Bundle 5 - £20
Unlimited minutes*
Unlimited texts*
6GB data
Bundle 99 - 99p
10 minutes^
10 texts^

For full terms and conditions click here *Fair usage policy applies: 3,000 texts and 3,000 minutes per month. ^Bundle 99 is a special promotional bundle which only costs 99p. Unlike our other bundles it lasts for seven days.

Useful info

Checking your balance

To check your balance at any time simply text the word BALANCE to 1250

Choosing your bundle

Text BUNDLE and then the number you want to 1250. For example if you want the £15 bundle, you should text BUNDLE<SPACE>4

Checking your bundle

To check the bundle that you have, text BUNDLE to 1250

Calling your voicemail

You can check your voicemail by dialling 555 from your Economy Mobile

Topping up online

To top up, please visit here.

Choosing your data-only bundle

To choose a data-only bundle, simply text BUNDLE and then that data bundle you want to 1250. For example:

  • Text BUNDLE DATA1 for the £5 data bundle
  • Text BUNDLE DATA2 for the £7.50 data bundle
  • Text BUNDLE DATA3 for the £10 data bundle
  • Text BUNDLE DATA4 for the £20 data bundle

For troubleshooting and more information please visit our FAQs.