Getting started
How can I get started with Economy Mobile?
How can I check my remaining account balance?
How do I top up?
Who is eligible for the 30-Day Promotional Economy Energy Bundle?
How do I order a SIM with the Promotional 30-Day Bundle offered to Economy Energy customers?
How will I know when the 30-day promotional bundle has been applied?
What is a 30-Day Bundle and how can I subscribe to one?
Do I need to register my details with Economy Mobile?
Can I port my current mobile phone number to Economy Mobile?
How do I find my own mobile phone number?
What do I do if my new Economy Mobile SIM doesn’t work in my handset?
Will my handset use mobile data abroad and will I be charged for this?
What network does Economy Mobile use?
Where can I find Economy Mobile rates?
If I'm with Economy Energy how many SIM cards can I order with the 30-Day Promotional Bundle?
What is the cheapest way to call with Economy Mobile?
Can I purchase bundles from my pay as you go account balance?
How can I activate the Data service on Economy Mobile?
My handset is giving an error such as 'invaild SIM' and may be locked to another network, what do I do?
How do I contact Economy Mobile Customer Services?
How much does it cost to call Economy Mobile Customer Services?
Can I contact Customer Services anytime?
How can I check my Economy Mobile network coverage?
What happens if my new SIM has not arrived?
What should I do if I lose my Economy SIM card?
My phone is asking for a PUK, what should I do?
Can I Tether from my Economy Mobile Phone?
What SIM sizes do you provide?
I’ve got a PAC code, how does it work and long does it last?
What are the Terms & Conditions of Use?
How can I call the disabled operator services?
Am I able to manage my account online?
Does my Economy Mobile SIM card expire?
Do you have any short code numbers?
Is 4G available on Economy Mobile?